…and if by chance, that special place,
That you’ve been dreaming of.
Leads you to a lonely place…
Find your strength in love…

The other night as I was lying in bed these beautiful words started flowing into my head… I have always known the song but this particular night all the words magnified like an orchestra on starlit night. I was surprised that I could recall every word – but I did have to wonder if it was spirit (my unconscious) bringing me this beautiful message straight to my heart.

If it was, it worked. And what a great way to do it, in song!

The whole circle of life starts with us. If we can master self love and flow that down to our children, we will be empowering a nation of lion hearted, willful and strong heart-centered leaders who will change the world for the better.

And if children aren’t on the cards, just by loving yourself you give others permission to do the same. You will never feel lonely, or out of place, or unhappy because all you need will reside right inside of you.

And as we know by the law of attraction, once you’re radiating love from within, more of the same will flow your way in the form of people, relationships, life situations, romance…

As the Beetles always said

“All you need is love”…

Now I’ve got two tunes to rattle around in your brain 🙂


Meditating Mama

-Happiness Coach