“It takes soul to truly live”

It’s a myth that the material world is separate from our spiritual journey. The material world IS our spiritual journey. It is also a myth that we need to achieve spiritual mastery before we can experience freedom, peace, joy and love. There are no “actions” we need to figure out, no outside forces which are driving our lives, holding all the knowledge of how to get us to what we want. It is also a myth that we need to detach from all material objects of life to find freedom. And the biggest myth is that we need to be clearer about what we want, then strive and work hard to get it.

“We have the choice to experience Heaven-on-earth NOW…or not…”


My purpose as a spiritual guide is to demystify all the non-truths, we have spent our lives building;

  • why we are here,
  • what our purpose is
  • and how to get the life we want

Ultimately every single person wants to feel better than they do. But in a rush to get from 0 to 10 of happiness often miss the beautiful revealing of the path by spending far too long than is necessary focusing on the parts of their life they do not want. This leads to a repetitive cycle of recreating what’s already been created.

“You are CREATORS, not a regurgitators – Abraham Hicks”

Spiritual counselling is about helping you to get back to the core of who you are. Using Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) techniques and intuiting where you’re at vibrationally, I help you to uncover the stories that are keeping you stuck. The only person who can accurately guide you to your path, is you, but when you’re clouded by what’s around you, it can be hard to hear or see clearly.

The biggest journey you will take is one of self-discovery.

Visiting with a spiritual guide is not going to give you the answers to what is best for you, but instead, provides loving support and guidance towards finding your own path. Learning to know and understand how to receive and interpret messages will result in you allowing your wisdom to find you. Your own internal intelligence will guide you to where you need to go, who you need to be with, and what will fulfil you most during this glorious life you are living.

Taking this path leads to self-worth, self-empowerment and self-love.

Life is meant to be fun.

Yes, life will naturally take us to things we like less than other things, but the beauty is we don’t need to stay in that for very long. In fact, we don’t need to spend any time at all dwelling on negative experiences. Doing this will just keep you repeating the same experiences (see my body page for the science behind this).

When you’re searching for a song you love, you don’t agonise over the ones you didn’t like. You simply keep clicking next until you find the one you want.

The minute we turn our attention away from what feels bad towards what feels good, we create Universal momentum bringing that very thing to us. Of course releasing old patterns of thoughts and beliefs can take a little work, but it’s worth it for the relief you feel when unwanted thoughts and feelings no longer frequent your life.

As a holistic health counsellor, I teach easy methods for making this task much quicker and easier by bringing all aspects of the self into the picture – gut, mind, body and soul. With a few little tweaks in each area, you can be off and soaring in no time.​

All goals and subjects are welcome in this space as everything has a spiritual element to it…whether you are looking for improved health, more money, greater satisfaction, peace, to find your career, soul purpose, lover or just to grow, it is all part of it.



Your new life is a thought away…

Ever heard of the Law of Attraction and the Art of Allowing. These laws state that everything like itself is drawn unto itself. It starts as a thought which becomes a feeling, that is the first manifestation. Some thoughts we have inherited from our genetic coding, upbringing and family, even our societal inductions, but mostly it is our choice on whether to continue to regurgitate those thoughts, or to choose different ones. Whatever the thought, the law of attraction brings it to us.

“A belief is just a thought you keep thinking – Abraham Hicks”

All thoughts manifest into our reality, therefore when we see it become real, we accept it as true, this then becomes a belief. The art of manifesting is deciphering which beliefs are serving, and which are bringing unwanted experiences.

We hold an amazing guidance system which shows us the truth to our thinking…our emotions.

Good feeling emotions tell us that the thought is right for us, bad feelings display the lie we are telling ourselves. This is why judging and criticising never feels good.

“Well, Mama that’s all well and good but these thoughts are stubborn, am I doomed to a life like the one I have?

The process is so simple…not easy, but simple. With enough practice, you will shift them.

Keep turning your thoughts away from those that feel bad and choose to obsess about thoughts that make you feel good. If a topic is a trap of bad feelings, get off that subject and rather find a subject that doesn’t have a ton of back-story to it. After some time of doing this I assure you, the topics that used to make you feel bad will have less weight to them, so you can massage them into a better feeling place.

Don’t try stop thinking about an unwanted feeling.

When you start to experience more and more good feelings throughout the day which turn into great experiences, you will gain confidence and so these will from your new beliefs. Beliefs are the most powerful because they’re thoughts you’ve repeated so much they have a lot of energetic momentum behind them.

You’ll know when you’re there when you can go through nearly all your week feeling good.

The biggest mistakes we beautiful humans make when trying to change our life is to;

  • Tackle negative thoughts to the ground, but by the law of attraction doing that only brings more of those thoughts making it nearly impossible to overcome them,
  • Offer split energy. It’s no good going through the day appreciating everything you can as well as noticing the parts of the house, partner, job, friends you don’t like.
  • Think we need to keep repeating more clearly what we DO want in our life so the Universe gets our message. The Universe knows exactly what we want, we just need to figure out what it would feel like to have what we want and do that, MOST OF THE TIME. The Universe has a much grander plan for us and the quickest way to let it happen is to relax, let go, meditate and stay chilled.
  • Meditate
  • Do things you love
  • Spend time with people who uplift your soul
  • Only act when you simply can’t hold yourself back
  • Chill, relax, enjoy, appreciate

Nothing else left to do but to go to the beach…


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