About me

I’m Hannah Langstaff, Meditating Mama and Holistic Health Counsellor based in Perth, Australia. I provide worldwide, online and face to face support to those who are on a journey to self-realisation. The result is always an improvement in how you feel (physically and emotionally). As a holistic practitioner, I look at your gut, body, mind and spirit as a whole. Using my unique experiences and qualifications I am able to assist not only with emotional strategies, but I am able to reveal whether diet, exercise, meditation, energetic blocks or gut issues have been at the heart of unwanted life patterns or physical issues.

I have long since known that the body and mind were somehow connected and affected our sense of wellbeing. I have had a strong desire to understand how that connection works so that I could be of use to others.


I started with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), which is the study of brain language patterning and teaches us how we do what we do. When you know the processes behind how we function, you can then alter those processes to affect change. NLP techniques allow for instant and big life transformations by quickly finding the root cause to emotional stress. This allows for uncovering approaches to life which have the outcomes we truly desire.

Personal Training

Not having been particularly fond of exercise in my youth, but very found of chocolate or cake, I constantly battled with myself on what I “should” be eating, and that I “should” be exercising more. In my teens I had Harrington rods inserted into my spine due to severe scoliosis, and although I hadn’t had too much trouble till then, later in life I began suffering crippling back pain which left me unable to do very much. No one could assist me and so I began researching. This led me to the mind-body connection and in a matter of months I was able to refocus my body and remove the pain for good. This experience changed my perspective on movement, and so I qualified as a personal trainer.

Meditation & Mindfulness Techniques

I thought these two alone were enough to create harmony in my life, and yet there was something inside that felt unsatisfied and was searching for more. I had a very busy mind, which once it got started on a rampage, could leave me feeling depleted and dejected. I started seeing images of people meditating and the peace on their face called to me.

And so, began my journey to meditation. I devoted the following 11 years solidly to studying and practicing meditation and mindfulness techniques. This period is what I like to think of as my time of awakening. I began to experience the fullness of who we are and found that place of stillness and peace my heart was yearning for. No longer did my thoughts control my life and my emotions, I was in the driving seat.

I still believe that meditation alone could provide a person with all the direction and answers they seek, however, life offers us many degrees of ups and downs which lead to big emotions. These life stressors ultimately get stored in our body, which over time, can lead to pain, illness or the body running the mind which is why it is important to treat the mind and the body as one.

Gut Health

And as always, it is my own life experience that caused me to search for more…this time it was gut health. My daughter suffered severe constipation from the age of 6 months. It was a heart wrenching experience and being told by specialists to put her on laxatives for a long time didn’t sit with me.

And so, began my study into gut health, breastfeeding, gut bacteria, natural births, stress on digestion, antibiotics and way, way more.

I began making my own fermented food and drinks to restore her gut health, this had such phenomenal results not just with both my kids (my eldest starting eating better), but with all the clients who came my way. So, began my gut health classes and bringing that awareness to my sessions. I still believe it all starts with the gut because if the gut health is poor then so is how you think, feel and experience life.

Nutrition Coach

My story does not end there…Just a few years ago, I experienced, for the first time, ill health that I could not recover from. Severe exhaustion drove my mood down and impacted every area of my life. I had nothing left to play with my children, take care of the running of the house, or my business. It took me nearly a year to feel some sort of energy and vitality.

What came out of this experience was a profound respect for food which led me to the largest nutrition school in the world where I learnt from the pioneers in lifestyle medicine. This qualification incorporated everything I had as part of my practice but gave me even more tools to assist people with their physical health. Not only did I learn over 100 dietary options, I was brought up to speed with the leading scientific information available today on exercise, meditation, sleep, stress, GMO’s, fats, cravings, hormones and other critical factors that affect our overall health and wellbeing.

Wounded Healer

The term Wounded Healer couldn’t more accurately describe the life journey that has led me to you.

I have experienced most of life’s challenges so when I work with someone, I bring love, compassion and a kind heart to our sessions.

I treat everyone as a rarity and bring all the tools I’ve learnt along my way to build something unique and special for each person.

How I help my clients

Being highly intuitive, my gift is in being able to quickly come to understand your true nature and what you were born to do, be and have. In a short timeframe, I can help you learn all the tools you will need to have all that you could ever want.

“We are all attracting exactly what we need to find ever greater freedom”

Some of the ways I can help you are:

  • I’m fluent in all dietary theories so I’m able to help you choose a food plan that supports your overall health goals (I don’t believe there is a one diet fits all because one person’s food can be another person’s poison).
  • I don’t suggest willpower as a technique. For emotional goals I prefer to use redirection as a more enjoyable tool, and for food, we use a method of crowding out so that you never have to fight against yourself again.
  • I am here to listen, not lecture. I will provide you with information and resources based on what you want to achieve, not what I think you should do.
  • Our thoughts create our emotions which equals our blood chemistry and that blood feeds our body. If you have a physical symptom you want to correct, I can find more than one avenue to help.
  • Deconstruction of cravings. Cravings are good, they let us know what your body needs. I can help you find cravings that nurture and feed your body and mind.
  • Tall poppy syndrome; how to break free from social ties that aren’t serving you.
  • I have many meditation and mindfulness practices we can tailor to any lifestyle. It is not mandatory to sit still in a quiet room to find that peace and stillness. You can do it in 5 minutes.
  • Using the body and breath to relieve stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Finding movements that are fun and enjoyable and suit your goals.
  • I often go into the kitchen with you to show you techniques for better health or to teach you how to make gut healing foods or drinks you can take home.
  • Each session will either begin or end with a mindfulness practice, so you leave feeling better than you arrive
  • I offer holistic health solutions for all emotional and physical issues ranging from pain to anxiety to depression to IBS, and am comfortable working with your current GP to construct a health plan for you.
  • Being online and face to face allows flexibility for all of us. Our time together is personal, unique and special, so our sessions could be held anywhere that suits us both; my office, my home, your home, the beach, a park, a cafe…wonderful 🙂


Kind words