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“The only way to predict your health…
Is to create it”

How I help

My name is Hannah Langstaff and I am a Holistic Health Counsellor based in Perth, Australia. I provide face to face and online support to clients around the world to find greater health for gut, mind, body and soul.

My clients trust me to provide non-judgemental, loving support to help them learn how to manage stress, create better relationships, find the perfect eating plan, exercise routine and nutritional practices to enhance their life experience.

Using my unique set of skills I uncover exactly what you need to overcome any physical or emotional stressors like;

Gut issues: IBS, leaky gut, allergies, brain fog, anxiety, depression

Mental stress: Relationships, career, family, self-worth, worthiness, body issues

Body: Chronic fatigue, iron deficiency, weight, pain, diet, chemical imbalance

Soul: Life purpose, awakening, manifesting, energy healing, improving intuition

Check out my programs and classes below


All you need to reach your full potential could be a few little adjustments.

Holistic counselling takes many forms assessing each person as a unique whole. We consider links between; Emotions, Physical body, Thoughts, Food, Environment, Relationships, Workplace, Family and more. One on one counselling provides physical improvement and freedom from emotional discomfort.

Unique solutions are tailored to each individual and may include;


  • Talk therapy to overcome emotional stress like; anxiety, depression, obligation, low self-worth, pressures, chronic fatigue, physical pain
  • Hands-on in the kitchen learning easy, quick, healthy ways to eat that will enhance your mood and ease physical pain
  • Moving your body to ease stress or pain. Find strength, flexibility and calm in the body
  • Meditation and mindfulness techniques to help you manage life stressors whilst bringing peace into the body
  • Learn how gut health creates mental health. This will include hands-on in the kitchen making gut enhancing food and drinks.


Programs are big goals that are broken down into smaller actions.

Consisting of a number of one on one sessions, programs are strategically scheduled so they offer continued support while you make big changes. Given the aim is optimal support, programs come with email and phone support in-between sessions.

Sessions are based on an overall theme which we work through together. 

Popular program goals are;

  • Building self-worth
  • Creating lifelong strategies for dealing with stress, anxiety, depression and low self esteem
  • Falling in love with your body
  • Building health from the inside out
  • Aligning with your life purpose
  • Adjusting to big change
  • Making big life changes
  • Healing from hurt
  • Changing how you react to people and life
  • Letting go of situations and people who don’t serve you

Together we decide how often to meet and how long it could take.


Small group classes are run throughout Stirling, Western Australia, and centred around the four elements of wellness and wellbeing; Gut, Mind, Body and Soul.

  • Simple, easy and sustainable meditation / mindfulness practices
  • Gut-health practices for improved mood
  • Exercise programs you won’t want to say no to
  • How to find inner peace with heart-centred practices
  • The mind-body connection; what cravings and repetitive cycles are trying to tell you
  • How to move up the emotional scale (Depression to Hope to Freedom)

Classes are friendly and welcoming and run at various times of the day to suit most.

Why me?

I support my clients on their journey to finding freedom and vitality in their body, mind and soul. We do this by finding sustainable eating habits, gut health choices, gentle exercise routines, simple tools for managing life stressors, and constructive meditation practices that make sense while fitting into busy schedules. My qualifications and experiences are unique and allow me to consider all aspects of the self that could be affecting your sense of worthiness, wellbeing, prosperity, physical health, emotions and ability to realise your full potential.

Kind words

I greatly enjoyed and appreciated Hannah’s adaptive approach to different fitness needs and goals. She is always attentive and engaging.

Mum of three

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