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“The only way to predict your health…
Is to create it”

How I help

My name is Hannah Langstaff, Holistic Health Counsellor based in Perth, Australia.

I provide face to face and online support to clients around the world who are looking for more out of life – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. I am known for providing non-judgemental, loving, intuitive guidance.

With over 20 years of study and practice I look at the whole-body system;

  • Gut issues: IBS, leaky gut, allergies, brain fog, anxiety, depression
  • Mental stress: Relationships, career, family, self-worth, worthiness, body issues
  • Body: Chronic fatigue, iron deficiency, weight, pain, diet, chemical imbalance
  • Soul: Life purpose, awakening, manifesting, energy healing, improving intuition

Learn how to manage stress, create better relationships, overcome body issues, self-esteem and worthiness limitations, physical illness, disease or discomforts.

Check out my programs and classes below

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Holistic counselling takes many forms and evaluates the link between your Emotions, Physical body, Thoughts, Food, Environment, Relationships, Workplace, Family and more.

One on one counselling will uncover which aspects are preventing you from success in love, relationships, life, health, money and career.

 Outcomes can include:

  • Overcoming emotional stress; anxiety, depression, obligation, low self-worth, pressures, chronic fatigue, physical pain
  • Improving your mood with diet and nutrition
  • Easy weight loss, no diet or cravings
  • Shaping a body you love
  • Meditation and mindfulness techniques for stress management and body healing
  • Optimal gut health
  • Spiritual mentoring  



Programs are big goals that are broken down into smaller actions.

Consisting of a number of one on one sessions, programs are strategically scheduled so they offer continued support while you make big changes.

The aim is optimal support, programs come with email and phone support in-between sessions.

Popular programs;

  • Creating self-worth
  • Mood control – stress, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue
  • Re-shaping a body you love
  • Healing illness or disease
  • Finding your life purpose
  • Adjusting to big change
  • Making big life changes
  • Changing how you react
  • Letting go of situations and people who don’t serve you



Small group classes are run throughout Stirling, Western Australia, and centred around the five elements of wellness; Gut, Mind, Emotions, Body and Soul.

  • Meaning of life – how to align to your purpose
  • Gut-health practices for improved mood
  • Exercise programs you won’t want to say no to
  • How to find inner peace with heart-centred practices
  • The mind-body connection; what cravings and repetitive cycles are trying to tell you
  • How to move up the emotional scale (Depression to Hope to Freedom)
  • Simple, easy and sustainable meditation / mindfulness practices




Why me?

My unique qualifications and experiences allow me to diagnose the root cause behind body issues, emotional imbalances, mental challenges, gut disorders and undesired lifestyle manifestations. I am able to combine nutrition, diet, exercise and stress management tools for effectively eliminating blocks standing in the way of your success. Enjoy the delight of getting a whole-life overhaul in the areas you most want, which will show you how to create your own worthiness, wellbeing, prosperity, physical health, emotional wellbeing and living your full potential.

Kind words

I greatly enjoyed and appreciated Hannah’s adaptive approach to different fitness needs and goals. She is always attentive and engaging.

Mum of three

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