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“There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning.”
—Louis L’Amour
Meet Mama Hannah
Always a work-in-progress...
…my life’s calling has been to uncover what it takes for people to feel happy, or at the very least, to feel better than they do, no matter what was happening around them…

A psychologist in training, Neurolinguistics practitioner, Intuitive Coach and Healer, Personal Trainer, Gut health Aficionado and Experienced Meditator – I have found that it's not one thing but a balance which brings peace and harmony to one’s life. If your gut (which triggers your thoughts and emotions), mind (thoughts and beliefs), body (movement), and soul (feelings) are in align and flowing, you will Manifest all the happiness you are after.

I know I know!! How do you do that as well as life!!!
That became my second life mission…
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Fresh Approach To Health & Life
“The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears.”
—Native American proverb
Mama Hannah's steps to happiness
Balance the gut to create harmony in the mind
Rest the mind to create energy & healing in the body
An energised body will enjoy moving
You are now free to hear you soul’s whispers
Those whispers will lead you to attract a life far beyond your imagination
“Talk to yourself in two languages - what do I need and what do I love,
in order to balance the body and the soul.”
—Peter Shepherd
(modified by Meditating Mama)
“Happiness is perspective,
change your perspective,
change your life”
- Mediating Mama
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