Prosperity, self-worth and relationships are all interlinked. They show you the story you have been telling yourself about yourself, and the life you’ve led. Your thoughts (the “story” you create about life events) leads to emotions (how you choose to “feel” about these events), which leads to the actions you take.

These add up to your life.

“If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve already got”

If you don’t like what you have right now, it may be time for a different story.

It is incorrect to assume that by self-worth and prosperity I mean success or money in the bank. Same goes for relationships. You don’t need money or relationships to have self-worth. But all three of these game-changers require the same application from you.

You see, most of us have learnt (through society, our parents, our teachers), that when we are bad we need to be punished. It doesn’t even have to be deemed “socially bad”, it could just be something someone doesn’t like. Think; I don’t like what you did, so I am going to punish you by not talking to you.

But how does this relate to prosperity and self-worth?

Leading psychologists and teacher of “The million dollar mindset”, Harv Eker, suggest that most people with low self-esteem feel the need to be punished for being “bad” in some way. And so when it comes to receiving the “reward” of success, or career satisfaction, or relationships. If you don’t deem yourself “good enough”, then you will punish yourself with inaction.

Something else super common in this topic is spiritual believers who want to use meditation and visualisation to make their desires just appear into their experience. And while this is absolutely possible, the Universe only knows one response.

And that is, YES.

So you can sit and meditate all you like and visualise till your hearts content, but if the vibe you’re giving off is “I don’t think I’m good enough”. The Universe will say “YES, ok you are not good enough, here are some more not-good-enough experiences”.

You are being guided

Your relationships with money and people are good gauges as to where you stand on the worthiness spectrum. Generally, relationships and money are key drivers as they often mean so much to people. But to turn things around starts with the awareness of why you are doing it (are you listening to others).

“What was said to me doesn’t matter. What matters is what I say to me” – Harv Eker 

Most of the time, our memory isn’t even accurate, neither is our ability to truly know what anyone else is thinking. So why would we spend one minute believing anything anyone else says. And that goes for compliments too. When someone says something nice to you, you can deduce that they are feeling good inside. If someone says something unpleasant to you, you can conclude they are feeling angst in that moment. 

All this should tell you is that people are fickle. You should never base your personal worth on the opinion of someone whose view of you can change with their mood. Which pretty much rules out every person on this planet.

What is the story you tell yourself

You can see this in action everywhere you go. Kids brought up in the same household, one chooses to learn from their parents, so succeeds enormously. Another chooses to blame their fate on the actions of their parents, and lives a life of pain.

Either way you can choose to receive prosperity and self-worth.

At first it may not be easy. You may have built up a very good story over your lifetime and so it has a lot of momentum behind it. But I urge you today to answer these questions (write them down);

1. What is the story of my life, how did I get to where I am today? List all the stories you have created about who you are.

2. Do my relationships, money and self-worth reflect my story?

3. What is a new story I could write to focus upon?

Note: Your answers must be believable. No good saying your new story is you are a millionaire and super confident when you’re not there yet. Try small believable steps so you can grow new momentum in your story.

One of my favourite people, Jerry Hicks, used to say

Stand just far enough from the basket to make it a challenge, but close enough to make the shot.

Some examples could be;

“I have decided to let go of my old story of “not good enough”. My parents only wanted what’s best for me, and really didn’t have the tools to do any better at the time. I know that little by little I will focus upon all the things I can do, and have done right. And this will become my new reality. I know that over time with repeated attention to all the good that I am, the Universe will send me experiences to match my new story. I may not have it now but I am capable of attracting prosperity and self-worth.

I have had stories I have repeated about my childhood, and I make it my ever-quest to never replay anything that I didn’t like. Instead when I catch myself reminiscing, (my emotions tell me if they are good or bad). I simply decide to choose another happier story to replay. Over time this has become my new habit of thought. Eventually all painful memories will fade.

That is true worthiness.

When you get more momentum behind your new story. In other words, you have repeated your new story so often it is now a belief. Then you will begin to see the effect this has on your life. You will know for sure, that everything around you was created by your thoughts.

When you can show yourself that you are the creator of your reality. That you can choose how to think and feel about your life. Then you will know your power and your worth.

That is TRUE worthiness.

After this, prosperity and relationships will flow effortlessly into your life reflecting the new inner you and your self-worth. The new story you have created. But don’t look to anyone else to validate this. Because they will only show you how they are feeling inside, in that moment.

So when someone pays you any kind of comment, good or bad, in future say out loud, thank you for sharing. Then quietly in your head “this is not about me, this is about you”.

This world is already seeing the evidence of people creating miraculous lives seemingly out of thin air. This is the time of abundance.

The time is NOW to see what mankind has been asking for.

The time is NOW to see all that YOU have asked for.

All that’s left is for you to step up and own it.

Go get’um tigers


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