So you’ve struggled with parts of your life for too long and can’t understand why with all your efforts they just aren’t falling into place, or are stuck in a repetitive cycle of small or big wins only to revert right back to where you started.

If you keep chipping away at those road blocks and steadily and persistently focus on your desires, you WILL eventually get there. But if you don’t want to go down a very very long road which I know well, there is a quicker and easier way!

If you’re anything like me, you’d much rather throw your energy at enjoying life rather than picking away tirelessly at the same old limiting beliefs, patterns, habits, addictions, people, relationships etc etc etc!!!

The clues have all been there. Gut instinct, go with your gut, gut feeling, spill one’s guts, gut reaction, have the guts… It all starts with the gut, or more specifically, the gut-brain. This secondary brain drives your feelings, moods, weight and overall wellness.


Did you know that the long tennis-court-length of gut inside your tummy has its very own neuron super highway straight to your brain? You know, like the kinds that provide vital information (like walk, run, sleep) between your body and brain.

This one has the same purpose…to protect our wellbeing…

You know that sinking feeling deep in your belly when you hear or see something you don’t like? That’s your gut-brain at play, your gut is letting you know “this is gonna be bad”, and your brain processes it into the thought.

To make sense of this, think back to that time we were running from saber tooth tigers.

*Nowadays, even though the stressors have changed (getting kids to school, traffic, public speaking, dating, bills), the body responds in exactly the same way… It floods the body full of blood, pumping the heart, sending blood away from vital organs to our legs and arms so we can get away*.

Now, picture all the stressors you have in your life.

Digest (haha) what this is doing to your body. It would be under continuous attack each and every day with those vital organs receiving minimal blood for nourishment whilst being expected to work overtime (explains the rate of heart disease perhaps). No wonder you’re tired at the end of the day and reaching for those sugary snacks. Quick burning sugars are exactly what your body needs to get away from that saber tooth.

So on to how your gut-brain and it’s mega long neuron can help you get the life you want easier and quicker..

You would probably have heard of gut flora but what you probably didn’t know is that without them we die…yes a bit dramatic but it’s so true in fact that science has redefined the human being as a sub-organism because we are not the primary host. The primary host are the billions of little guys living in our tummy in their little flora community.

When we swallow food it is them that eat first. They break down our food into digestible particles in preparation for our body to properly absorb all the nutrients we need. To put it bluntly, we eat their poop. If we feed them rubbish they poop out toxins which we then digest, and a message gets sent up to our primal brain that we’re under attack. Our evolved logical brain gets shut down so that our primal instincts can take over for us to defend or retreat (fight or flight).

So what do we need when we need to move quickly??

Yup, fast burning sugars, we need a quick fix giving you that quick burst of energy and alertness followed by the urge to nap because the body knows you need to recuperate after running away from that saber tooth tiger. Cue mid afternoon dips and that jog to the cookie jar…and the process starts all over…

The other symptom from remaining in this state is having a highly engaged primal brain leading to defensive and protective behaviours. These thoughts and behaviours go out into the world and attract similar people into our lives and so our experience isn’t an enjoyable one. We may feel sad or disappointed which again triggers our desire for these fast sugary foods.

So how does that link into not getting the life you want?

You get stuck on the repetitive cycle of attracting people and situations into your life who are not in align with the person you truly are inside. This makes it difficult to be the you you know you can be.

And while you’re not being you, you can’t possibly be wanted by those friends, organisations, situations, partners who would truly suit the you inside.

Continuing to reach for food that leaves you feeling bad and tired leads to unhelpful thoughts, unhelpful people and an overall sense of not enjoying your life experience. And so the cycle continues..

Break the cycle

Start by drinking fermented drinks and eating fermented food to get your gut back to its balance. This will support how you feel and think which will help your willpower to start eating better foods that will give you the energy to move.

Moving, especially bloody pumping or muscle stimulating workouts, will release the toxins that are trapped in your body, taking even more pressure off your thoughts and willpower, plus you’ll get the added benefits of endorphins.

Flooded with endorphins, feel good foods, energy and clear thinking will allow you to properly tune in to the highest aspect of yourself. This evolved part of you knows exactly what you are meant to do in this lifetime and will happily guide you to all the resources, tools, people and events to support you in getting there.

Once your energy is all cleaned up your aura (the energy field around you) will be bright and shiny and you will then attract people who are exactly like the real you inside. You will love your life and the people in it so your aura will get fed even more positive energy from them and you and your life will start to soar.

You will get all the abundances your heart desires. And all it takes is the small step to your gut 😉