Want a simple breathing technique for relaxation? Everyday stressors are no joke. I truly believe that stress is at the root of every single issue we experience with our body.

That is both good and bad news.

Good news is, it’s fixable. Bad news is, you got to fix the stress, and that’s not always easy. Prevention is always better than cure I say. However, life happens and sometimes we find ourselves in a position where we are physically or mentally stressed.

But as I explain in this short video on a breathing technique that will help your body relax. The only way you can consciously command your body to relax (de-stress) is the exhale breath! Yes folks, the only way you can tell your nervous system to settle is through long slow out breaths.



Explains why we shallow breath when we’re under pressure.

The body is trying to pump itself up to run away or fight. Which is a good thing, BUT, we are meant to actually fight or flee from the threat. Meaning that afterwards we are heavy breathing from either running or fighting. This type of breathing calms the body and signals that the threat has gone.

But we have very different threats these days. The biggest one being our own perception about life events. Next biggest are the daily and constant pressures we find ourselves in. Not to mention, the never ending “peer pressures” of society dictating how we should be, think, act.

Whatever is going on for you, this quick breathing technique I show in my video, will be a tool you can whip out whenever you need it. Better yet, use it to unwind at the end of each and every day.


The idea of the exercise is to lengthen your out breath. I have found that rather than trying to take a very big in breath (which makes my body tense), it is better to get all the air out of my lungs first. Then let the air naturally refill.

I use this ratio: Exhale all my air out, breathe in for 4-6, hold for 3-4 and exhale for 6-8.

You will find that the more you do this the more air you will be able to get back in and release out. Don’t worry too much about how long to count for. It is more important that you be fully relaxed and attempt to have a longer exhale than inhale.

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