Classes, Individual Sessions & Programs

This is my page for information on both my classes as well as individual counselling sessions and longer term programs. As a holistic health counsellor I look at all moving parts of a person which includes the physical and emotional body. No two experiences with me are the same, because no two people are the same. Benefit from over 20 years of study and practice to find new exciting ways to improve the way you look, feel, think, eat, move and feel. Sessions can be talk-therapy, hands-on or a combination of both. I am able to look at your life as a whole; diet, exercise, thoughts, emotions and soul practices. Practical sessions can often include movement, energy shifting, in the kitchen, doctors review or getting out into the real world to practice what we are embedding.

Scheduled classes

Classes are held in Stirling, Western Australia both in the morning and afternoon. Numbers are limited to small groups so post your expression of interest via the contact page and I will respond with a full course description and payment options. If you no longer see the course below, it means it has been filled and there is no longer any places available.

1 December 2018: How healing your gut can lead to emotional relief

Learn how your gut creates your thoughts, emotions, sense of safety in this world, and subsequently your coping mechanisms.

Many common emotional conditions are due to imbalanced gut flora. Anxiety, depression being the most common. See my page – Gut for more info.

This is a informative and practical class. Once we’ve covered the basics of why we want great gut health, we will get into the kitchen to create some of the basics like kefir, kombucha, kimchi etc.

You will go home with a plan for improving gut health and easy affordable recipes.

Duration 4 hours – Cost $180 p/person Concession card holders $160 p/person

7 November 2018: The mind-body connection, practical tools for lasting BIG changes

Learn how your thoughts create your biochemistry which becomes the blood that feeds your body. Understanding how your mind programs the body and the body programs the mind is powerful for transforming long term.

Did you know altheimers develops 40 years before any symptoms and is linked to depression, anxiety and gut related disorders.

This program will show you how you can reprogram your body to support you as you reach for better health, prosperity and relationships.

Duration 5 hours – Cost $200 p/person Concession card holders $180 p/person

7 January 2019: Your survival guide to quitting sugar and processed foods

Find out why you want to reduce sugar and processed foods in your life… Knowledge is power.

Together we will uncover your individual “why’s” and what you need to do to prepare so you still enjoy everything you eat as well as avoiding cravings –

NO willpower required!!

In-class we will make everyone’s favourites; chocolate, puddings, breads etc – lots of yummy fun

Duration 4-6 hours – Cost $180-$200 p/person Concession card holders $160-$180 p/person (depending upon size)

4 March 2019: Meditation and mindfulness practices for relief from physical or emotional pain

This class suits both the novice meditator or self-aware as well as the more practices.

We discuss how these tools relieve physical and emotional pain, and then discuss the main techniques so that you can build a practice which is personal and lasting.

In this class we will try many of the styles so that you walk away confident in your ability to apply these at home.

Duration 3 hours – Cost $140 p/person Concession card holders $120 p/person


 To reserve a seat or to find out more information 

Individual Sessions

Sessions are based in Stirling, online or at your home (travel costs may apply).

Sessions can take a variety of formats including more than one of the below in any given session:

  • Hands-on in the kitchen to learn cooking techniques that you and your body will love.
  • On the mat to learn exercise techniques that will make your body peaceful, flexible or strong.
  • In meditation or practicing mindfulness to make your mind quieter and heart louder.
  • Support conversations to give you the space to talk about the things that are stopping you from moving on.

Topics can include:

  • Having the courage to stand out
  • Learning to love your body
  • Creating a body you love
  • Figuring out your life’s purpose
  • Overcoming physical pain or discomfort
  • Healing your gut
  • How to deal with hurt, judgement and criticism
  • Big life decisions

Sessions cost $90 for 60 minutes.

Travel costs for locations further than Stirling are $10 for every 10 minutes.


Big goals are broken down into smaller actions and programs. Consisting of a number of sessions this is the perfect path to get continued support while you make life affirming changes.

Sessions are based on modules we agree on at the start and work through together;

The modules can vary, but may include:

  • Relationships (problems or desires)
  • Overcoming a health complaint
  • Healing your gut
  • Physical flexibility and strength
  • Pantry review and makeover
  • How to shop for optimum health
  • Stress, anxiety, depression
  • Building self worth
  • Falling in love with your body
  • Aligning with your life purpose
  • Dealing with change
  • Healing from hurt
  • Changing how you react
  • Letting go of people and situations

Programs run over 1 to 6 months so that you have support while you integrate the changes into your life.

You may attend 1 or 2 sessions in a month depending on your goals.

Sessions are 60 minutes and range from $60 to $90 depending on how many you need.

Payment is taken monthly in advance.


I run classes centred around the five elements of happiness; gut, mind, body, breath and heart / soul.

Scheduled sessions are listed at the top of this page and take place at various times of the day in Stirling. Classes are typically small to cater for those who are still finding their feet.

Enjoy classes on all my counselling topics:

  • Gut health
  • Kefir and Kombucha making
  • Designing your own diet specific to you
  • Eliminating unwanted people and food from your life
  • Altering life patterns that support your desires
  • Finding your life purpose
  • How is my mood linked to my physical pain
  • Changing the voice in your head
  • Finding love
  • How to become healthy easily and on a budget

I tend to schedule classes based on what clients are asking for, so if there are one or more from the list above that you’d like to attend, get in touch and I’ll make sure they’re scheduled.

Classes generally cost around $180 depending on length and can be booked on a one-off basis.

To book use the contact page to let me know what you are after.

Free initial consult


For a short time I am offering a no-obligation, 20 minute consult where we discuss whats on your mind. Whether we work together or not, I will offer some direction that will help you.