The elusive peace… how we all yearn to find peace in our crazy world…

The luring desire to breathe, to enjoy, to let go, be free, still.. just smiling at the world as it goes about it’s daily dramas..

To know how to find peace we have to understand how we go about being un-peaceful..

So we have a daily drama hit us which could be anything from coffee on our white blouse to finding the love of our life cheating on us.

The difference between creating more drama and distress or acting in a way that will ensure the continuity of our peace, is what we do with this new information.

What is the first thing YOU do when confronted with an uncomfortable feeling (irritation, fear, sadness, guilt, hurt..).

For most of us we go looking for help amongst the people we know, which isn’t a bad thing if we are getting our solutions from a reliable source.

In university I learnt that if you want to write a respectable and quality article on a particular argument you had to ensure you got all your information from reliable sources. You had to take note who the authors were that were writing articles. You had to research their background to become familiar with their qualifications and life experiences on the topic. You needed to take note of the tenure in said authoritarian. How long has this person been studying and writing on this topic.

You get the picture.

So again I come back to my question. Where do you go for solutions?

Someone that’s qualified, who knows everything there is to know about your deepest soul and what you hope to achieve by this life lesson.

I will tell you who you can go to every single time and get the most qualified, tailored-for-you solutions to EVERY single one of your problems.


We now know what the majority of our brain is used for, storing data. We also know that we are not just our logical mind but have a soul that knows everything about who we are, how to be happy, fulfilled and in love.

These two of your resources are in continuous commune with each other but in the majority of cases the brain (who is responsible for our survival on this planet) tends to get very busy and loud whenever we are faced with what we feel is a near death scenario. Back in the day that used to be a saber tooth tiger but to the brain coffee on a white blouse just before a very important meeting could feel exactly the same.

So the brain gets too busy to hear our soul.

All the answers you could possibly want are right there inside your being. You can imagine your heart, soul or your belly. It’s that place of peace where you find yourself on some rare occasions. It’s still, it’s quiet and it’s loving.

Your True Self is one of pure bliss and peace always. It only knows how to love and see joy and humour in every single life situation. That doesn’t mean there won’t be pain but we can take away the drama from the pain which leaves us with new understanding and a choice on a better way to be / live. This is a far quicker process than when we drag out painful experiences lashing out at people and rehashing events.

For the past year or so I have been continually challenged by people in all sorts of drama inducing ways, and while it is still tempting to reach out to someone for a reassuring word or physical huggle, I now stop and take time to go within first. I clear my head and go to a little spot inside where it’s already peaceful and quiet and I know exactly what to do.

Then I ask what action, if any, needs to be taken.

The peaceful loving answer I get only inspires more peace and calm as I don’t react out of defensiveness going against what my True Being is all about making me feel worse and thereby creating worse situations.

Then once you’ve decided how to approach the situation feel free to reach out to whoever you need to for that hug or verbal reassurance but notice how different the exchange feels. It goes from looking to someone else to solve your problems “can you believe what …did to me” (taking away all your responsibility for the problem), to “I’ve just had a really difficult experience and could use a hug” (reaching to have your cup filled as you’ve solved your own problems).

I have always yearned for some great spiritual teacher to find me to help me with the many great struggles I’ve had throughout life but lately I am realising that that great spiritual teacher is right there inside and knows exactly what to do in every life situation.