“No great work has ever been produced except after a long interval of still and musing meditation”

– Walter Bagehot

It’s early morning…kids and pets still snug in their warm beds…my heart is full as I think about the new journey ahead of me..

The past twelve months feel like an initiation period for the change and growth I didn’t know was coming. I hit the trifecta of life experiences (physical, emotional and financial); chronic fatigue, stubborn anaemia, relationship breakdowns (yes plural), and family changes which resulted in me taking time away from working.


But as I write to you I don’t think of this period as endings or breakdowns, I feel as though they were all shifts guiding me to new beliefs and understandings on how to create the life experience I want in physical health, day to day emotional freedom and material needs.

During this time of reflection I had no energy for anything so turned to my meditation practices for guidance and healing. Easier said than done as that meant rising before my toddlers, and even though I went to sleep at the same time as them, I still wasn’t ready to wake when they were, some ten-eleven hours later. This was a long slow process in releasing my mind and mood.

I have rarely struggled with physical issues and felt frustrated that I couldn’t “fix” it right away. And so began the search…I was surprised at how popular both chronic fatigue (my favourite story: Amanda Bisk – http://www.amandabisk.com/about/) and low iron were. They also seemed to have a relationship to gut health (which made sense since that’s how we convert our food, into energy and iron).

For a while I fought against my body and pushed myself to exercise (mostly out of pure desperation to regain some energy), this only resulted big setbacks, and so I gave in. Like Amanda, I began slowly and gently with walking and stretching, I also slept when I felt the need and began finding it easier to put my need for “space” ahead of what others wanted of me. I came to experience that I could alter my mood and energy levels just by focussed thought and following my body’s guidance.

I was changing, and I needed to keep up“. 

A process of letting go…

Being strapped to a couch, leaving me with just my thoughts, and therefore my emotions, I became intimately aware of which ones left me feeling more energised, and which drained the body making me want to nap. I re-experienced the powerful teachings of Abraham Hicks’ Law of Attraction (who inspired the author of “The Secret”) and came to realise that my body could no longer tolerate even the slightest dull-feeling thought. The correlation became unmissable – pleasing thoughts = a body at ease, lesser thoughts = a miserable day or nap on the couch.

“What my body was showing me was that it was time to stop relying on outside forces (like exercise or other people), to make me feel good – it was an inside job”

Just take a look at Joe Dispenza who broke his spine and rebuilt it by thought alone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3FJVjZcM_w

I had always been known as The Cast Iron Gut, but not this time. I was now sensitive to all of my environment; what I ate, what information I listened to and which environments I spent time in.


Inspired to know all the latest research on what affected our physical and mental health, I took the year-long course to qualify as a health coach with the largest nutrition school in the world.

They taught so much more than just nutrition, I learned about the affects of hormones, sleep, stress, stimulants, GMO’s, environment, gluten, autoimmune diseases, hereditary influences along with every possible diet option out there. We explored every form of preventative medicine around food, herbs, movement, relationships, stress management, childrens health and much more.

I love one of their founding principles:

“One persons food is another persons poison”

This aligns with my core belief that each person is an individual and therefore should be counselled as one, not prescribed some set diet, exercise routine, or skillset according to the masses.

Inspired by some of the leading scientific research I took this study further into biochemistry and quantum physics. It is now well documented that our thoughts create our emotions, our emotions become our biochemistry, which becomes our blood that feeds our body.

Beliefs and thoughts make up a larger percentage of the outcome of our health than genes or even diet and exercise do.

It has long been proven that our genetic blueprint is not set in stone. We all have the ability to re-shape our body, our minds and ultimately our life.

Here’s a little quip that was inspired to me.


When you’re tired, you could sleep more, rest, eat revitalising food….OR…overeat, crave sugar, processed food (quick burning fuel)…

Either way, the body gets what it needs – ENERGY

When you’re stressed, you could slow down, relax, let go, meditate….OR…overeat, crave sugar, alcohol, get sick, get sore, ill or worse…

Either way, the body gets what it wants – you to stop, slow down – LET GO

So, my thoughts went something like this “well if my body and soul will get what they want no matter what path I choose, then I may as well choose thoughts that feel good along the way“. My body sure showed me in real-time what thoughts of worry, stress, or trying to control did, and for that I am forever grateful.


I am looking forward to getting back to work to help others find their relief, hope, ease and upliftment in whatever life circumstance they find themselves in. The self is inextricably linked. Physical, emotional, material, and surrounding relationships all have an impact on our overall mental and physical health.

“Lifestyle Medicine”

My mission is to help as many people as I can learn the tools of lifestyle medicine which they can apply to any aspect of their life. I would love to see a greater amount of people turning to natural remedies to cope with everyday life stressors and the ability to build optimum health.


Over the coming months I will share all the knowledgebase and tools I have picked up along this journey. I so hope they help you as much as they have helped me.

I love feedback and especially questions. Feel free to post publicly or share with me in private via my contact page.


Meditating Mama Hannah – Holistic Health Counsellor


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