So you’ve got on the gravy train (or should I say Kefir train) to making healthy fermented drinks but how to do a second fermentation process for fermented drinks is eluding you!

My blog ‘First steps to happiness‘ walks you through all the health benefits and initial fermentation process but I wanted to do a second post showing you how quick and simple the second fermentation process is for even more delicious healthy fermented drinks with even more nutrients.

Here it is the how to do a second fermentation process for fermented drinks step by step.

Or you can check out my very short video on YouTube below.

How to do a second fermentation process for fermented drinks.

1. Pour the liquid out using a plastic strainer (I use my thermomix basket) into a plastic container (I use one with a pourer).

2. Pour liquid into a jar with a sealed lid (must be glass or any non toxic container so not plastic).

That’s it!!

You can drink it immediately but more and more nutrients enter the liquid the longer you leave it as they draw out the vitamins from whatever you put in (i.e. vitamin C from oranges or lemon – but just on that, Vit C is light sensitive so make sure you cover with a cloth if you want to keep the vitamins in.

It will get more and more tasteless or tart the longer you leave it as any residual sugars or fruits get eaten up and converted into nutrients. But of course the bonus is that it is jam packed with goodness.

My guidelines that work for me (and my kids who like it to taste good) are 48 hours in first ferment and 48 hours on the bench. When it’s hot though I keep my eye (and intuition) out and will pop it in the fridge the minute I sense it starting to turn.

You can of course pop it straight into the fridge to second ferment, however the additional nutrients will take longer to come through as it slows the process.

At this stage you can choose to add other flavours like fresh fruit juice. I have another post on all the different flavours I could find including the ones I have personally done myself and love, but in a nutshell there’s not much you can’t include except raw honey and grapefruit (see ‘different flavours to use…’ blog), try herbs, fruit, vegetables, extracts, plants etc etc.

  • Maple syrup
  • Fruit pieces (make sure they’re organic or peel the skin so you don’t get toxins going in)
  • Vanilla extract
  • Cinnamon
  • Raisins
  • Prunes
  • Cranberries (not tried this) or actually any dried fruit I have heard is yum
  • Mint or try other herbs – I tried basil which was quite nice.

If you have any awesome flavours please post a reply for me to try and I will share into the community. I am set on finding the yummiest Christmas flavours so look out for those.

I hope you enjoyed this post on how to do a second fermentation process for fermented drinks. Please feel free to share questions or thoughts.

Be Happy!