This is the most powerful statement you can make to yourself and the Universe. Whatever your beliefs, whether God-based, spiritual, self, just something greater, or even nothing at all. This statement applies to us all.

Whatever you tell yourself sinks deep into the largest part of our brain that isn’t consciously used. You may say “yeah yeah, we know!” but how many times do you recognise yourself saying simple I AM statements like “I AM so tired”, “I AM bored”, “I AM never going to get this”, “I am such an idiot”, I AM always messing up”, “I AM fat / stupid / ugly”… These sweeping statements get lodged into your subconscious and become who you are.

I AM who I am (what do you tell yourself you are)

THAT (whatever you tell yourself; lonely, unlovable, stupid, silly) I am

And so it shall be. (you draw to you what you give out)

So it’s not enough to ensure your broad thoughts are kept positive about your life but it’s even more important to make sure those subtle little I AM statements you tell yourself make you feel good about yourself. Because how you feel gives off the vibe which attracts experiences with the same “vibe”. So if you regularly say I AM so stupid…, you will attract people who make you feel stupid. This is so that you can challenge that part of you to change it and grow.

I love Dr Wayne Dyers suggestion for the I AM statements. I AM statements stay with your unconscious for up to 4 hours after. So the absolute best time to program your Self to attract the life experiences you DO want is just before you go to sleep. He prescribes a 5 minute I AM moment before you fall asleep to program your unconscious to your desired state of being.

As you’re lying in bed, make sure you are relaxed then begin your I AM statements of what you desire. I would like to add that the key here is not just to provide lip service but to actually feel the weight of your words. So if you are affirming I AM peace / love / writer / mother / wife / director, imagine what that would feel like in your body, what would your life look like, what would people be saying to you. Right there I have just occupied 3 of your main senses (kinaesthetic – “feel”, visual – “look” and auditory – “saying”), if you can go even further and introduce olfactory – smell, and even a sixth sense – intuition, you’re fast on your way to manifesting this into your life.

Then as you go to sleep, your unconscious is taking these instructions about who you are, embedding them into your being. Your being is pure energy and so you will more easily carry around the energy of success / peace / love / joy…which will bring more of that into your life, and so the circle continues.

Make sure you invite your MeditatingMama to your grand awards night!

Love ya,

I AM MeditatingMama