Following on from my previous post “What is the difference between Kefir and Kombucha“, I found a fantastic article that talks about the difference between water and milk kefir.

More recently I have been on a deeper journey on everything gut health. For about a year now I have been unable to hold my iron stores, and for those of you who have experienced low iron, it ain’t pretty. Fluctuating energy levels that lead to difficulty moderating moods, which ultimately affects all aspects of your life where you rely on a clear mind and energised body.

As one never to be beaten by anything, I am seizing this moment to take my understanding of the gut, mind, body, soul connection to new heights, so be prepared to be swooned with any titbits I find along my trail. So far daily morning meditations and focussed writing (something that lifts my spirits) is helping a lot but now I want to see if a full gut-overhaul will seal the deal and put me back in the game for good.

Since I must do a colonoscopy and gastroscopy this week which involves a full cleanse, I figure my gut will be at ground zero and therefore a great opportunity to start afresh. So, on I’ve been digging into what it takes to create a beautifully, fully functioning gut system which is where I was surprised to learn of the power behind milk kefir (explains why most natural therapists prescribe it).

As detailed in my blog on water kefir vs kombucha; kefir outranks kombucha by double the lactic acids, yeasts / good bacteria, but, as Sarah (The Healthy Home Economist) explains, milk kefir trumps them all with a whopping 30-50 acids, yeasts and bacteria.

And even better news is that if milk is not your thing then you can use coconut milk which is so quick, easy and cheap to do. Simply open the can, pour over the grains, strain after 2 days and repeat. Just remember that they need lactose to thrive so you will need to restore them every so often in full cream milk. Someone recently told me that she has two batches going with one resting or fermenting in raw milk while the other ferments coconut milk, swapping them over every so often.

If you want to join me in a gut healing, resting or invigorating exercise, I found this prescription for a 30 day gut makeover to be one of the best, and I love that it caters for vegetarians. If you have more serious gut related health issues then you may want to consider more in depth, stringent options (which I will write on later). As a side note; Anna suggests cooking with olive oil but it is not as stable at high temperatures as coconut oil so is better kept for cold use only.

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Don’t forget… There’s a little voice inside you that uses no words but speaks volumes, so make sure you’re listening, trusting and acting on those gut instincts.

And of course, the best way to do that is to BE HAPPY!!

Your Happiness and Gut Coach