How much time do you spend watching the tirade of billions of thoughts (instructions) you’re giving to yourself each and every millisecond?

Did you know they send instruction deep into your unconscious to become firm beliefs you hold about yourself?

Did you know they start at birth? Even though you may not have a thought yet, your experiences get lodged into your unconscious and form beliefs about the world and how safe it is for you.

Did you know these unconscious beliefs form part of the energy field you project out into the world? That energy attracts like energy. So if you give off an unconscious belief that you are unlovable, you are likely to attract people into your life who will make you feel unlovable!

Sound cruel?

There’s actually a very logical reason behind this.

When you bring more situations that bring up those unconscious beliefs you get the opportunity to re-play the experience that led to you feeling that way so that you can make different choices. The aim here is to make better choices, create better beliefs so that you no longer have to repeat these ones that make you feel better.

Meditation is a wonderful tool for bringing your attention to those thoughts that rattle round in your head.

But you don’t HAVE to sit in lotus chanting OM (although this is a brilliant one!), there are many, many meditation techniques to suit every temperament and every lifestyle.

I will do a full post and video library of all the ones I have tried but for now I just want you to start with this daily practice.

The clue you get that your thoughts on not helping you is how you feel. The minute you start to feel anything less than happy (irritated, depressed, angry, frustrated), stop. And review the thought you were just having.

Write it down.

You can then set about challenging it then and there, or if you’re like the majority with no time. Leave it there, add to it as many times as you like and then set time aside later to go through them.

I want you to make five columns.

1. First one has the thought that made you feel something you didn’t like,

2. the next put this question “how does that thought make me feel”, next column has the question “what is the consequence of feeling like that”,

3. next column “how would I prefer to feel”,

4. last column “what thoughts could I use instead that will make me feel like that”

This activity alone will help bring your attention to how many times a certain way of thinking will make you feel less than great. And as you introduce better ideas to your unconscious of how you would prefer to talk to yourself, a new habit will form.

This does take time so most of all give yourself a lot of patience and if you do this consistently after about 6 months you will begin to do this automatically with no need to write it down.

A quicker method is to introduce meditation to your daily practice. Look out for a blog will all my helpful meditation techniques.