Isn’t everyone on the path to finding happiness in everyday life?

For me personally when I awoke to the higher aspect of myself, it took a while to realise that our spiritual journey is the same as our human experience, that finding happiness in everyday life is the most spiritual thing you can do.

But do you want to be buddha and go sit under a tree until you reach that happy place?

(Watch my intro video below..)

No thank you, not me – I’ve had enough challenges…! Saying that, the abridged version of me parking off under the shady tree for a day or two sounds just dandy!!

So if our human experiences and our spiritual quest is one and the same, how DO we find happiness in everyday life?

Well if the path to enlightenment lies in the happiness in everyday life then reviewing our everyday life should be our biggest clue.

Do you experience happiness in everyday life. Or are you constantly trying to find it only to experience snippets here and there, or experiencing happiness but only fleetingly?

This is where the journey of the spirit and life walk hand in hand.

The journey of the soul is to experience.

It doesn’t differentiate between right and wrong, good or bad. It is all just something to experience for an opportunity to grow.

It is up to us whether we want to follow experiences that make us feel good, or ones that leave us feeling bad.

It is up to us whether we chose to spend time with people who make us feel good or bad.

It is up to us whether we chose to eat things that leave us feeling good or bad.

And it’s up to us whether we engage in activities that leave us feeling well and refreshed or tired and sluggish.

So how does this translate to getting to happiness in everyday life?

Not every growth opportunity has to come about because something made us feel bad. We don’t always have to learn from mistakes or because we’ve been hurt. There are many opportunities to have the same growth and learning from positive experiences that make us feel good.

Take love for example.

You could continue to chose partners who make you feel less about yourself until one day you break and decide enough. That could turn out quite traumatic. For a less soul destroying path to happiness in everyday life you could immediately turn away from anyone who made you feel anything less than amazing. Although you may not be guaranteed your knight in shining armour round the next corner. You are affirming to the Universe, and more importantly, to yourself, that you are worth more and therefore your next experience MUST be better than the last.

Hanging onto people or things because you convince yourself they will make you happy one day is only affirming to yourself and the universe that you are not quite worthy of complete or whole love so you will continue to attract those that will not give you complete and whole love or happiness in everyday life.

So to find happiness in everyday life simply start by making decisions in your life only for those things that make you feel good consistently, and all of the time. As a popular example, it’s probably not the money of the job that would make you happy but the time and opportunities it could afford you with your loved ones. So focus all your life decisions that will provide you with more time with your loved ones instead of money and you’ll find yourself in a happier place.

A holistic lifestyle of wellbeing and happiness guarantees happiness in everyday life. Take a look at my Happiness IS blog and How to get the life you want for more tips to that life you’ll love.