Spiritual Meditation Techniques to Enrich your Connection

So, you’ve awoken to the possibility that you are more than the bones beneath your skin. That you’re capable of seeing more than the life you see around you now. There is a knowing growing in the heart of your belly that your life could be way more than what it is right now. Congratulations, spirit is calling to you, and you have either awakened, are awakening, or are experiencing a spiritual growth spurt. No matter which, spiritual meditation techniques are where all your answers lay. You see when we think, we are reaching out, we are deducing, deciding, concluding which equals asking. As an example, you may be looking around evaluating the relationships, home, job, body that you have and concluding you want something different.

You have asked for improvement.

To hear something someone is saying to you, you must stop talking and listen. Well it’s the same with spirit. To hear the other side, we need to shut up – internally. And we do that by switching off our thinking brain (our analyzer) and opening our other senses (internal visuals, sensors and hearing) to receive answers. In our society today, just about everyone is relying on action because they do not have the ability to turn off their internal gabber. This means the only option available is guesswork. We look around at other people who have succeeded in these areas of money, love, success, parenting, dieting, exercise and guess how they achieved it. Then put all our might into MAKING it happen…action.

But there is a way more effective, less effort-filled way.

The force within us knows exactly where that money opportunity is, how to get us to the love of our life, the exact job application that will light us up, and which diet or exercise plan will transform our body effortlessly. But you must turn down the voice in your head. Spiritual meditation practices are the tool to get you there.

Know your learning style

Of course, you can peruse my site and find many great meditation techniques. Perhaps you’re already familiar with sitting quietly and releasing one thought at a time. Chanting. Focusing on a sound like running water. It doesn’t matter which one you use, what matters is that, firstly you enjoy it (or it won’t last), and secondly, it works for you (or it won’t last!) And by “working”, I mean, it distracts your mind enough to quieten.

Understanding how you receive messages is key!

You want to begin to know how you receive messages, is it a voice in your head, a knowing in your body, do you see pictures, or a bit of a combination. The best way I’ve discovered with my clients is to work out their preferred learning styles. I use Neurolinguistic assessment tools in my practice, but if you’re not sure which is your dominant learning method then go with what feels / sounds / looks like the best option below.

Visual learners receive images

Choose styles that use your imagination like;

  • Picturing yourself in a calming, relaxing, peaceful place (forests, mountains, the beach).
  • Using colour is a great one for visual learners. There are a million ways to use colour to quieten the analyzing mind. My favourite is to visualize certain colours moving through areas of the body to bring in balance, healing, invigoration or clarity.
  • Watching your chest or abdomen rise and fall (behind closed eyes of course).
Auditory learners hear spirit

You are better off with sound meditations – that doesn’t always mean music. You could try;

  • Listening to the sound of your breath in and out.
  • Counting in your head to the sound of a clock, or each breath. You only need 16 seconds for your spirit to enter your consciousness.
  • And of course, there are many apps with a myriad of sounds for you to focus your attention on.
Kinesthetic learners feel spirit

This is your feeling or doing learner. You learn through feeling your way or by hands on. Although I have a good dose of the other learning styles in me, when it comes to spiritual meditation techniques, I find that feeling connects me at a higher level. And therefore, this type of meditation takes me deep into spirit. There are so many options here but to keep it short you could try these;

  • Before closing your eyes, find a point dead ahead in front of you. When you talk to yourself your eyes move horizontally left or right. When you’re feeling emotion your eyes will gravitate down left or right. If you’re making or remembering an image you will look up. Therefore, keeping your eyes directly in front of you automatically slows the chatter allowing you ease of focus.
  • Once there find ways to feel your environment.
  • You can feel the air on your skin and just sit with that
  • You could move your awareness (without moving your eyes), all around your body. Enjoy the sensation that each part of your body gives you
  • You could be super present sensing all touch points of your body, the chair, your clothes…
Using all your sensors – a powerful experience

When all your sensors are occupied, your brain will accept a command. Although a little trickier to master, it is a powerful spiritual meditation technique.

  1. Focus ahead, breathe your eyes closed, feel the chair, your skin, feel your bones, your cells, any sensory focus
  2. At the same time engage your auditory sensors by listening to a sound or sounds around you. Your breath, a clock, birds, cars… It must be consistent and boring otherwise it will engage your analyzer
  3. Then bring in your internal visual sensors like colour or images. You could see colours flowing through you, picture your chakras spinning
  4. Once fully present, make a command to your subconscious. These are I AM statements (the most powerful). I AM calm. I AM powerful. I AM abundant.


Any I AM statements that you find engaging the analyzing mind may need to be halted for now. You may not be ready for that particular one. No point affirming I AM rich then find yourself off on a bad feeling tangent. Simply release the thought / feeling and go back to noticing all those sensors. Then choose a different I AM statement.

It would look like this;

You sit comfortably wherever you like, you look directly ahead, take a big cleansing breath and as you breath out, close your eyes. Looking directly ahead, behind closed eyes, you begin to feel what is around and under you, soak it in. Once you have that, bring in the sounds. Notice the different sounds around you. Feeling comfortable with what you are feeling and hearing, begin to picture colours or an image. You may see colours flowing through your cells, or you are deep in a rain forest. Whatever feels good to you. Then once you have all three sensors consumed. You are feeling, hearing, imagening, then stating I AM … Peaceful, calm, relaxed.

If you think a quiet mind sounds impossible, trust me I thought the same. I tried to start with 20 minutes and had to reduce it right down to just 3 minutes a day (I luuuuurve to think!!). Now I can sit comfortably for over an hour. You can too with the right spiritual meditation techniques.

You only need 15-20 minutes for spirit to enter your life and change it for the better. If you ever need help, you know where I am.


Hannah – Meditating Mama

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