I must warn you, what you are about to read may change how you see food forever!!

Did you know, the human being has scientifically be reclassified… The human species is now categorised as a sub-species..!

We are no longer recognised as the primary host of this body!

In layman’s terms…we are not the decision maker of whether we live or die.

There is a whole colony of organisms living inside our gut who eat our food first, tell us what to think, how to feel and how long we will live.

There is a tennis court length of neurons that line our intestines which feeds our brains (no that’s not a typo, it is brainS). We have our evolved brain and our primal brain. Our evolved brain allows us reason, rationale, clear thinking, good decision making and all the other important brain functions for making educated decisions about our life.

Our primal brain is very simple, it kicks into gear for one reason – we are under attack and must either defend ourself or run like hell!