With all the billions, trillions, gazillions, gajillions of remarkable things we get to focus our attention on every day; from the soil beneath our feet, to the tree blowing in the wind, a bird flying in the sky, the feel of sand beneath our feet, the sound of children playing, the feeling of connection to people we meet…why do we choose to dwell upon the situations that make us feel bad?

There is a good explanation, but use this knowledge for good and expect a life of wealth, health and friskiness, or use it for bad and spend your life repeating patterns and experiences that leave you resentful, tired, bitter or ill.

It is old news that we are creators of our reality, that what we think is what we draw to us. Science has proven that our attention to a subject changes the outcome. Science has also proven that at our core everything is made from the same vibrating energy. Further, science has shown that our thoughts, and more importantly the feelings behind those thoughts, emit a vibration which sends a broadcast out to the world.

A powerful demonstration of this are the many social experiments people have done where their negative thoughts or words towards a flower damage, or even kill it, whilst positive loving thoughts assisted in its growth causing the flower to flourish.

The thoughts we repetitively think become a strong vibration we send out into the world. The laws of the Universe do not deem any one thought or action as good or bad (or we wouldn’t have free will), so whatever you put out there you can expect to see in the world around you.

We are meant to experience things we don’t like so don’t beat yourself up over every uncomfortable experience. Instead revel in the fact that you’ve just figured out one more thing in your life that you would rather have, then go about putting all your focus into imagining it is already yours.

To demonstrate this, imagine a partnership where one person has cheated on another. You can choose to focus on never having to learn that lesson again feeling powerful in your new found strength at being able to walk away, or you could beat yourself up and feel insecure that someone else was somehow better than you. This leads to thoughts and feelings of unworthiness and sending that out into the ether will only attract someone who agrees with you. More than likely someone who will also cheat on you until you learn to break the cycle.

So how do you break a cycle?

By remembering that beliefs are just a thought you keep thinking over and over again. As I’ve said earlier, those thoughts you keep thinking will bring those exact situations and people into your life, causing you to think your beliefs must be true. Meanwhile they are simply a manifestation of the way you have continually thought.

So to break this habit of thought you need to find new ones, any, the laws of the universe are not listening to the content of your words but the vibration of your feelings. So even if you focus on completely general topics that make you feel good (wind in your face, breath in your chest, feeling of friendship) you will already be re-training your mind towards better feeling thoughts. After some time of doing this the momentum you had previously created behind those things you do not enjoy will subside and you will start to see more enjoyable, fun life events surrounding you.

This life experience was not meant to be hard or painful. Sure we came to experience an element of that but only so that we can fully enjoy the magnitude of great feelings available to us. But how long you want to stay in the bad feeling place is up to you. Try making lists each and every day of things you love, especially in the morning before the old thoughts creep in. Do everything in your power to keep replaying thoughts that feel wonderful.

For when you feel good, you are connected to your soul who only sees wonderful things for you and can guide you to even better experiences which you couldn’t possibly comprehend with your limited mind.

So..let go, have fun and when it stops feeling like fun, turn your attention to the next best thing that lights you up.

You know you should, You firecracker you xoxo

Meditating Mama

– Online happiness coach