The biggest thing next to Brangelina’s split is the healthy fermented drinks craze. But this is no fad, nor is it a diet, and for the very first time, you can enjoy yummy fizzy or creamy healthy fermented drinks without ruining your resolve.

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First steps to achieving happiness… Healthy Fermented Drinks Kefir and Kombucha

October 24, 2016


Mother of Motivation

The biggest thing next to Brangelina’s split is the healthy fermented drinks craze. But this is no fad, nor is it a diet, and for the very first time, you can enjoy yummy fizzy or creamy healthy fermented drinks without ruining your resolve.

(Watch my youtube video below)

In fact this powerhouse superhero of the food world will help you think clearer, have more willpower, enjoy feelings of wellness, lose weight (or keep the weight off), stave off repeated illnesses and cure many common gut related problems like IBS, hayfever, leaky gut, acne, reflux, bloating etc etc.

This is why I recommend starting your new life here with healthy fermented drinks. See my articles on “Happiness Is and How to get the Life you Want

Stay with me and I’ll show you how quick, simple and cheap it is to do a home brew. If you live in Perth I have plenty to give away, message me and I’ll get you started…

The gut-brain is the starting point of whether your body feels all is well in your world or not (I go into more detail in my “How to get the life you want” blog). This message gets sent to your thinking brain for processing. You will then experience positive, life affirming thoughts or negative self defeating ones. This will then guide your choices and behaviours. If you feel like the world is against you, your behaviour will mirror that then that will also be your experiences as people will react negatively to you.

And we all know that when we feel all is well in our world, we feel like we can do anything!!

Happy feelings lead to better food choices which give us more energy so we may move more leaving us feeling great about ourselves. Feeling good about who you are means you may discard parts of your life that aren’t working for you making room for better choices, people and environments.

Wouldn’t that be nice #collective sigh#

So for me it all starts here with healthy fermented drinks. Get this working for you and the life you want gets a whole lot easier to achieve.

This is where the most popular healthy fermented drinks Kefir and Kombucha come in…

Simply have these high nutritional probiotic dense healthy fermented drinks every day and watch your life transform.

You can buy them in-store but they’re not nearly as effective for many reasons (google it!).

But why would you want to when they’re soooo easy and cheap to make yourself!!

There are 4 main types of Healthy Fermented Drinks Kefir and a 2 Kombucha.

Basically Kefir uses water or milk products, looks like jelly grains and ferments in 24-48 hours.

Kombucha uses teas, looks like a big jellyfish (close your eyes folks!) called a SCOBY and has babies which you can separate to different batches. It takes 10-15 days to brew. You can continuously brew Kombucha which is great, simply replace whatever you take out then top it up with the same amount and bam! it’s ready by morning!!

Water Kefir

Makes delicious fizzy healthy fermented drinks with many different types of flavours and they multiply like crazy so you can brew like crazy! Or be like me and share them out. You can also feed the excess to your pets and garden which will love the benefits of the probiotic.

Click here for my how to youtube video

Coconut Water Kefir

I haven’t tried these healthy fermented drinks but it’d be another great non-dairy option using only coconut water which you change over every 48 hours.

Milk Kefir

If you can tolerate dairy I hear these healthy fermented drinks are chocked full of goodness. I’ve not had as much experience with this as I killed them on only my third attempt (think it was a case of mistaken identity and over-multitasking as I cleaned them in boiling hot water along with my container). I also didn’t enjoy having to boil my milk each time but never got the chance to find out if I really, really reeeeally needed to do that! Still it’s very simple, use either pure organic milk or boil your milk and let it cool then add to grains. Done. Change milk every 48 hours.

Black Tea Kombucha

Another healthy fermented drinks I haven’t tried as I went for the Jun Kombucha (see below). But all you need is black tea (preferably organic) and good quality sugar. I use organic Rapadura through (Perth, Australia). Boochie has a longer fermentation period of 10-15 days depending on the weather.

Green Tea Jun Kombucha

One of my fav healthy fermented drinks! I have been making Jun Kombucha which uses raw honey and green tea. This is delicious. I will also say though that because I’m doing a continuous ferment (I don’t empty the jar and just replenish whatever I take out), the brew can be super tart, like drinking apple cider. However, each and every time I feel I’m coming down with one of my girls nasty bugs, I down a mug of the stuff before bed and wake up feeling 100% again!

Also, having my healthy fermented drinks straight up every morning gives me a buzz coffee could NEVER compete with!!

I have no intention of trying to become a healthy fermented drinks guru (other than to adopt it within my life). It is such a big topic with a wide scope that I would do nothing else but invest all my time here. Instead, I will direct you to all the resources you could possibly need and support you through making healthy fermented drinks.

After all, healthy fermented drinks will make you happy!!! 🙂

So how do I get started?

Here are some great sites for all you need to know. I’ve personally used nourishmeorganics recipes and have had great success.

My youtube video takes you through all the ingredients step by step in less than 6 minutes.


Over 77 benefits of Healthy Fermented Drinks – Kombucha and Kefir


1. Strongest natural remedy against any allergy

2. Strongest natural antibiotic without side effects

3. Treats liver disease

4. Treats gallbladder, dissolves gall bladder stones

5. Clears the body of salts, heavy metals, radionuclides, and alcoholic products

6. Cleans the body of chemical antibiotics

7. Treats kidney stones

8. Good bacteria in kefir are able to fight off pathogenic microorganisms

9. Lowers level of LDL cholesterol (baaaad cholesterol, think heart attacks)

10. Cleans the gastrointestinal tract

11. Treats IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome

12. Treats gastritis

13. Treats pancreatitis

14. Treats ulcers

15. Prevents and treats colon cancer

16. Improves digestion

17. Improves the body functions

18. Improves the human immune system

19. Cures Candida

20. Cures hypertension

21. Stops growth of cancer cells

22. Speeds up healing process

23. Treats psoriasis

24. Treats eczema

25. Treats inflammatory diseases

26. Reduces size of tumors

27. Treats heart disease

28. Reverses calcination of blood vessels

29. Clears the blood vessels

30. Boosts the bodies energy

31. Natural “feel good” food

32. Treats lung infections

33. Normalizes metabolism therefore = weight loss

34. Cures acne

35. Has anti-oxidants and anti-aging properties

36. Nourishes hair

37. Treats the gum disease parodontosis

38. Lessens side effects of medicines

39. Replenishes body of good bacteria after antibiotic

40. Balances the microflora of the body’s digestive system

41. Regulates blood pressure

42. Lowers blood sugar

43. Lowers blood lipid levels or cholesterol and fatty acids

44. Treats diarrhea

45. Treats constipation (and specifically for my daughter, infant constipation)

46. Promotes good bowel movement

47. Anti-stress properties

48. Treats sleeping disorders

49. Treats depression
50. Treats attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

51. Improves the brains neuro functions like reflexes, memory retention, attention, the five senses

52. Reduces flatulence

53. Lactic acid fermentation enhances the digestibility of milk-based foods. People who cannot otherwise digest milk, can enjoy the vital calcium rich Kefir.

54. Treats yeast infection

55. Eliminates vaginal odors

56. Cures wrinkles

57. Treats arthritis

58. Treats colitis

59. Treats gout

60. Cures migraines

61. Treats rheumatism

62. Treats other stomach disorders

63. Detoxifies the body

64. Improves protein quality of milk, and enhances absorption and digestion

65. Good bacteria manufacture B vitamins such as B3, B6 and folic acid.

66. Aids in treating tuberculosis

67. Treats stomach cramps

68. Treats chronic intestine infections

69. Treats liver infections

70. Treats asthma

71. Treats bronchitis

72. Treats sclerosis

73. Treats anemia

74. Treats hepatitis

75. Healing effects on catarrh, digestive nodes, astral nodes, bilious complaints

76. Treats leaky gut syndrome

77. Prevents metastasis

The list is exhaustive. Reports have also been made on healthy fermented drinks being used to help patients suffering from AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome, herpes, and cancer.

Here are just a few testimonials on healthy fermented drinks I’ve come across…

“My baby who suffered incredibly from infant constipation was cured from day 1. At first I couldn’t believe it as that was not why I started giving it to her. She went from screaming and clenching at every poo time with tears and blood to not even flinching. One week I wasn’t on my game and couldn’t get a batch out and poor Lexie got clogged again. I soon after found out that sometimes through the birthing process babies can miss out on good bacteria which help digest and eliminate their food…que Kefir!! Both my girls swallow the stuff down daily and any time a sickness starts I up the doses and so far their virus blows away within 24 hours. Even my I-Hate-All-Nutritious-Food threenager has done a 360 with her eating and is eating more and healthy food!!”

“Since I have been drinking Chaga tea and Kombucha, in this time frame I have not been sick. Not even a sore throat, flu etc. Nothing!! I can’t tell you how much this amazes me as I am around little children all day and night for my business and I usually get sick. It is a huge blessing to me to have such great health.”

“We have been on Kombucha for the past 2 mths, the last 2 wks my hubby ran out of his High blood pressure meds (insurance changes) without his meds his HB really is out of control BUUUTTT checking his pressure the last 2wks his HB has been NORMAL!! I say it has to be the KOMBUCHA he’s been drinking!! I will continue to make my Kombucha and maybe he will be able to get off meds”

“I’ve always been healthy but it’s been a lot more difficult since having kids. I started drinking kefir and kombucha and after only a very short period I started getting these feelings of wellbeing wash over me. I have it first thing before food and the rush is way better than the coffee I used to drink. I have found my willpower and immune system so much better. I used to get sick everytime the kids did because of lack of sleep and touch wood I’ve only had a runny nose since drinking this. In fact each time I felt I was getting sick I’d down a glass of kombucha and wake feeling much better”

“Couldn’t believe it but a clean diet and my fermented drinks keep my candida and herpes outbreaks away”

If you have any stories on healthy fermented drinks to share, please post here. It’s amazing to see how other people’s journeys can inspire others.