So the other day I was doing my usual and rescuing a little bug out of my shower (the usual part is not the bug in my shower, but I’m a pretty big advocate for the little guys, and I do mean reeeeally little guys, so I’m always giving them a helping hand where I can…). Big or small I love them all.

Anyway, as I scooped the little guy up like a protective mother hen, he (or she) would continue to scurry up the side undefeated by the seemingly unknown force stopping him from getting out of the box.

As I made my way downstairs and finally out into the garden I had to wonder…is that how it is for the greater picture we call life. That the force much bigger and powerful than us knows exactly where we need to be and what we want.

I guess even if the bug didn’t persist I still would have put him out into the garden but that’s the beauty of having a higher awareness. We co-create our garden so if we want to stay in the box we most certainly can because we just communicate out that we don’t deserve to get out of the box and hey presto! Our wish is granted.

But if we refuse to be defeated, no matter the odds and consistently and persistently attempt to climb out of our boxes, we most certainly would be picked up and helped along.

I do believe some people have bigger boxes to climb out of than others, but I figure that’s just because our “helping hand” has a little further to walk to the very best gardens we could ever imagine.