…is by being happy.

And you thought there may be another get-fit-quick option you hadn’t yet read about!!

Nope folks, that’s it.

So many of us are trying to “look good”, to “lose weight” to get what exactly? A gorgeous partner, amazing friends who adore us, tons of money which is most likely to get a gorgeous partner and/or amazing friends!!!

Looking good and losing weight is just a metaphor for the weight of life.

Ever see an unattractive happy person…someone with a twinkle in their eye and a skip in their step…

Happiness is super sexy!

But why do we do this?

Not having the life we want can leave us feeling helpless and not in control so what do us beautiful souls do, find something we can control (like our image). But very rarely does it reap the kinds of rewards we’re actually looking for…like to feel love and connection or acceptance…our deepest human desire…

…and really that approach is going about it the wrong way around…!

Instead of trying to make happy fit into looks or lifestyle; money or jobs; friends or lovers, make them all fit into happy.


What I mean is, instead of looking for people, places, jobs, partners, images that will leave you feeling accepted / loved (and therefore happy about yourself), figure out all the life experiences that bring you joy then choose the social life, friends, jobs, homes that fit YOUR model of happy.

No point going out night after night hoping to meet “the one” when you stopped enjoying it oh 10 years ago! You’ll never meet the person that matches who you are now doing things that aren’t you anymore. Or hoping to find better friends by staying with the social group just so you can say you have a life. You’ll only end up doing things which attract those exact people you don’t match.

Get selfish.

Who are you? What do you love doing with your time? What do the perfect friends do? What does the perfect job look like?

So you may have to take some serious risks to bring in the changes you want. You might be alone while you start over going to new social events that match you. You may have to take a leap into another career or do some research.

But if you keep your happy list close enough you’ll remember how worth it it will all be when you’re surrounded by love and connection, or recognition for the work you’ve put in.

Think of it as the holiday weight loss plan.

Isn’t it amazing how good you feel about your looks when you’re on holiday, relaxed and content doing those things you love best.. I don’t know how many times I assumed my scale must be broken when it says I’ve either not lost a gram or had actually put weight ON! Because I felt like a supermodel (ok slight exaggeration there but you get my point, hopefully).

And as I always say; the law-of-attraction will bring you whatever it is you’re feeling…



Meditating Mama-Happiness Coach