In this blog I am going to give you a very short guide to a happy life. You can also watch me discussing it on youtube (video at the end of this blog).

The meditating mama steps cover a lot of ground so I am going to break it down here so that you have a short guide to a happy life that you can use to frame your day to day.

My blog on ‘How to get the life you want’ and ‘gut brain‘ goes into more detail but in order to keep it a really short guide to a happy life I’m going to break down my four key points showing you how they all link and flow into each other…

My wheel for LIFE starts with the gut. A happy gut is a happy mind then add a meditating mind, is a peaceful mind…

A happy and peaceful mind gives off happy feelings.

Happy feelings lead to the energy and desire to move.

Movement gets rid of toxins that make you feel bad and gives you endorphins that make you feel good.

When you’re feeling good you’re thinking good thoughts and giving off happy vibes.

By the Universal Law of Attraction, having happy thoughts followed by happy emotions is letting the Universe know that this is what you want in your life, so you will be sent more happiness inducing experiences.

Once you’re in this space, watch how people who make you feel better about yourself enter your life, better career opportunities manifest, love interests rock up making you feel even more wonderful or your family home life goes to another level of pleasure.

We are not here to suffer and struggle. We are here to experience joy and peace but it takes balance in all things in order to achieve this consistently.

I would rather you give a little bit of everything than slog away at one area only to dwindell in another. This causes imbalance and unrest which leads to more erosion in other areas as we overcompensate or lose energy because we’ve lost heart.

In my blog ‘Happiness IS’ I talk about ensuring the things you “want” are true reflections of your heart desires, not desires driven from painful experiences (like wanting more money or prestige to prove to your family/friends that you are worthy of respect / affection / love / company).

Thank you for walking my journey with me. If you have any questions on this short guide to a happy life you can message me through my contact page.

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