Who is MM?
“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”
—C.C. Scott

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“Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting.”
—Elizabeth Bibesco
My Story

You never plan on raising your children alone and when I becoming a single mother of two very young sprightly girls, I had no idea the emotional rollercoaster I was in for. I went from someone who was always happy to someone who was always stressed. Leaving a successful career in corporate management of 20+ years to start a new business while I was now solely financially responsible for two little ones meant staying happy became an ongoing evolution.

My early life story was one of never feeling accepted. I felt odd, different and misunderstood, with all my self-worth and happiness vested in the responses of people around me. Through much heartache, I came to understand that none of this was an accident…

Since my life path is to help people find theirs, it was important for me to learn not to care about what other people think, and to find my own guidance from within. It also meant I became an eternal searcher for truth…why are we here, what is all this for, what is the purpose of life…none of these questions would have held any interest to me had I not had those experiences.

In those early days, I had no idea that my inherent beliefs of “not good enough”, “unlovable”, “unworthy” were attracting people who agreed with me. Good thing too because it got me to (eventually) challenge and change them. And what came out of that was an excellent ability to read people and intuit what was going on for them, as well as a vast repertoire of strategies to help other people achieve what I had…happiness and freedom.

“We are all attracting exactly what we need to find ever greater freedom. For true joy arises from feeling free. The only way to free yourself is to stop needing your environment or others to behave in a way that pleases you so that you can feel good.”

Later, having children took me back there again, but to another level, when their needs became important to me. Especially their emotional wellbeing (particularly when transitioning from two parents to one). Without realising it my happiness once again became dependant on someone else.

Fortunately, I already had a great set of tools to get myself back on track but this time I had way less time. In my early days, I would meditate for as long as I wanted, as often as I pleased journaling or workshopping any issues I wanted to resolve but now I was lucky to fit in a meal! So back to the drawing board, refining those practices into something achievable until I was my former happy self with a deeper appreciation for life and parenting.

Now my goal is to help anyone do the same with their life. There is no one-size-fits-all approach and I don’t believe in long drawn out “talking” sessions. Guided by my intuition and using NLP techniques I tailor each program differently. Sessions can involve anything from training, trancing (form of light suggestive hypnosis to reprogram the unconscious), meditation, teaching, workshopping, yoga, healing and moving depending on what is needed and wanted. The aim is for you to walk away in the shortest time possible empowered with the skills to continue to transform your life in any way you desire.

Happiness doesn’t always mean you’ll enjoy every life situation or all those who come your way, (how else would you grow!), but it does mean no matter the background noise, you will always feel peace and happiness within…

“The ONLY thing you can control in this world is how you feel”
Your Mother of Motivation – MeditatingMama