Soul – Spiritual NLP Happiness Coaching
It takes soul to truly live…

“To know the soul is to know true peace, love, joy and everlasting happiness”

Assistance from an NLP qualified Spiritual Teacher for Life Coaching in Perth

It is a myth that the material world is separate from our spiritual journey. The material world IS our spiritual journey. It is also a myth that we need to achieve spiritual mastery before we can experience freedom, peace, joy and love. There are no “actions” we need to figure out, no outside forces which are driving our lives, holding all the knowledge of how to get us to what we want. It is also a myth that we need to detach from all material objects of life to find freedom. And the biggest myth is that we need to be clearer about what we want, then strive and work hard to get it.

My job as a spiritual teacher is to demystify all the non-truths we have spent our lives building up around why we are here, what our purpose is, and how to get what we want. Ultimately every single person wants to feel better than they do. But in a rush to get from 0 to 10 of happiness often miss the beautiful revealing of the path by spending far too long than is necessary focusing on the parts of their creation they do not want. This leads to a repetitive cycle of recreating what’s already been created.

Spiritual life coaching is about helping you to get back to your centre. Using Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) techniques and intuiting where you’re at vibrationally, I uncover the stories keeping you stuck, by connecting you to the only truth there is. The only person that can correctly guide you to what’s right for you, is you. But when you’re clouded by noticing all that is around you, it’s hard to hear or see clearly. Notice when you want to make a big decision how many different opinions there are. Everyone’s lives are specific and unique, so it stands to reason that the only advice people can offer is solutions which would suit their own life and not necessarily yours.

The biggest journey you will take is one of self-discovery. Coming to a spiritual teacher is not going to give you specific answers to what’s best for you, but instead, provides support and guidance so that you can find your own truths. Learning to know and understand how to receive and interpret messages will result in you allowing your wisdom to find you. Your own internal intelligence will guide you to where you need to go, who you need to be with and what will fulfil you most during this glorious life you are living. Taking this path leads to self-worth, self-empowerment and self-love.

Life is meant to be fun.

​Sure, life will naturally take us to things we like less than other things, but the beauty is we don’t need to stay in that for very long, in fact, we don’t need to spend any time at all dwelling on negative experiences. Doing this will just keep you stuck in that space. When you’re searching for a song you love, you don’t agonise over the ones you didn’t like. You simply keep clicking next until you’re happy with the experience.

The good news is, the minute we turn our attention away from what feels bad towards what feels good, we will already have created Universal momentum that will carry our deepest desires right to us. You already have all the tools you need, but I know that sometimes it makes it easier to have some support…and really, it is also WAY more fun.

​That’s where I come in…helping you to find your shine and a love for life… There are no goals or topics we could not discuss whether you are looking for improved health, more money, greater satisfaction, peace, to find your career, lover or just to grow, it is all welcome in my space.

​Sessions are face to face online via Skype, telephone, or other electronic means that may suit you better.

​Look out for my group classes on manifestation, the law of attraction, gut-mind-body-soul connection and more. If you are interested in any of these programs, please feel free to contact me with an expression of interest. I do group bookings of 3 or more, send an enquiry for costs.

​If you prefer to work alone, you can follow me on social media for advice and inspiration for your journey to fabulousness.

Feel free to post comments, I luuurve feedback.

​Be happy, be well, and most importantly, just be…