Your new reality is a thought away…
Ever heard of the Law of Attraction and the Art of Allowing. These laws state that everything like itself is drawn unto itself. It starts as a thought which becomes a feeling, that is the first manifestation. Some thoughts we have inherited from our genetic coding, upbringing and family, even our societal inductions, but mostly it is our choice on whether to continue fed thoughts to create our perception of our reality or to choose different ones to reflect a different reality.
But first is always the thought.
The thought manifests into a feeling which is mild at first.
A thought, if repeated long enough, becomes a belief.
Beliefs are strong thoughts and strong emotions.
Strong beliefs and emotions manifest into our experiences.

It is then our experiences that we have which just confirm our initial thought so become a stronger belief as we assume it must be right.

Wrong, it is the other way around…the thought always creates reality, not your reality guiding your thoughts.

We hold an amazing guidance system which shows us the truth to our thinking…our emotions. Good feeling emotions tell us that the thought is right for us, bad feelings highlight a thought which is not serving us.

“Well, Meditating Mama that’s all well and good but these thoughts are stubborn, am I doomed to a life like the one I have?

Actually, the process is so simple…not easy but simple. With enough practice, you will shift them.

Keep turning your thoughts away from those that feel bad and choose to obsess about thoughts that make you feel good. If a topic is a trap of bad feelings, get off that subject and rather find a subject that doesn’t have a ton of back-story to it. After some time of doing this I assure you, the topics that used to make you feel bad will have less weight to them so you can massage them into a better feeling place.

Do not try stop thinking about an unwanted feeling.

Then when your good feeling thoughts start to manifest into your reality, you will gain confidence and these will from your new beliefs. Beliefs are the most powerful because you’ve thought those thoughts for a long time and have the good feeling emotions to go with them.

You’ll know when you’re there when you can go through nearly all of your days feeling good.

The biggest mistakes we beautiful humans make when trying to manifest our reality is to;

  • Try tackle negative thoughts to the ground, but by the law of attraction that only attracts more of those negative thoughts,
  • Keep conflicting our feelings. So, in one moment we’re feeling amazing because of the great thoughts we’ve offered, then in the next, we notice the house we’re in, partner we have, job we don’t like, and CRASH we’re offering those negative feelings again,
  • That we need to be clear on what we want, and keep making lists getting more specific about what we want so the Universe is super clear on what we desire. The Universe already has a much grander plan than we could ever imagine. And the way to get all of that awesomeness is to let go…relax…and allow it all to come.
Meditation, doing things you love, hanging with people that lift your soul, and only acting when you literally cannot hold yourself back (you are so sure of the step), are all that you need to do.

Not easy in a world where action is what we’ve primarily been conditioned to feel good about. But I have many strategies I’ve learned on my trail which I will be sharing with you so make sure you follow me on social media.

I offer online coaching in manifestation techniques which are tailored to where you’re at in the process, and what resistance you have going on. I use NLP techniques to draw out your blockages and intuitive healing to help move things along quickly. You will always walk away with practical tools to use in your life.
All my work is based on the Teachings of Abraham Hicks.