Gut – Kefir and Kombucha
It takes guts to be Happy…
Suffering from some of these symptoms and can’t figure out where they’re coming from…read on, it may be due to something you might never have considered…


  • Leaky gut
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Allergies
  • Food intolerances


  • Social withdrawal
  • Grinding
  • Incr. in food or alcohol intake
  • Incessant contemplation


  • More crying than usual
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Higher need for social withdrawal
*You can find more symptoms on the Harvard Health website

Now stay with me a little here, I am going to give you a bit of a science and biology tour but trust me, it’ll be worth it…

Did you know our genes are not the only factors deciding our destiny when it comes to health and wellbeing? Epigenetics proved a long time ago that just as important to our state of sickness and health are our emotions, stress factors and beliefs (repeated thoughts).Now I bet most of you are immediately imagining these originating from our minds, when in fact I am referring to two of our brains…

​Dun, dun, dunnn.

​In utero two nervous systems are developed out of the same materials, one becomes the Central nervous system (brain and spinal cord), and the other our Enteric nervous system (gastrointestinal tract) which are connected by the Vagus nerve.

This system creates a nerve superhighway running information back and forth between our gut and our brain. In fact, the brain sends way less information down to the gut (“oh look food, start your juices”), than what the gut sends up to the brain (“life is good, we are well, happy, content, nothing to think about..release feelings of wellbeing”).

Our gut bacteria (gut microbiomes) don’t just work to break down our food but greatly impact our behaviour and how we manage our life stressors. Therefore, the gut has a direct effect on the brain and vice versa. Not hard to imagine when you notice how your tummy responds at the thought of an unwanted bill, presentation or final exam. The gut reacts to these stress emotions. Likewise, when your gut is stressed or imbalanced your emotional balance is disrupted.

​So, in laymen’s terms, a stressed mind causes a stressed gut which leads to unwanted gut symptoms (leaky gut, IBS, allergies, food intolerances etc.) and a gut out-of-whack can create unwanted emotions that translate to unhelpful thoughts in the brain which in turn become unwanted feelings.

​Life stressors can be anything you respond negatively to like traffic, time, partners, jobs, money. An imbalanced gut has been linked to everything from food intolerances, breakouts, fatigue and even exacerbated emotional imbalances like depression, anxiety, pain, repeated illnesses or any other side effect from a low immune system.

Further, an imbalanced gut creates a lower pain threshold from the bad signals being sent between a struggling gut system and the brain. This results in an over exaggerated experience of the pain in your life. As an example, a situation at work or home which might normally only mildly annoy you may become blown out of proportion because it feels so much more painful to you. So, the stress that is initiated in your gut becomes a stress in your thoughts and emotions which feel amplified and therefore become bigger going back into your gut continuing the cycle.

Many studies have proven that healing the gut can come about purely by treating the mind (if you’re interested I have posted the links to these below). But for effective holistic treatment you want to effectively handle life stressors so your gut is calm, and at the same time keep your gut balanced so your mind can continue to remain calm.


(For the mind check out my page titled Mind – Meditation and Mindfulness) but for the gut I highly recommend getting yourself some Kefir and/or fermented foods. Kombucha is great but has half the number of lactic acids and good bacteria, therefore considered more of a digestive (see my blog Health benefits vs taste). For the optimum probiotic affects you want to go for Kefir. Or do both and mix them as I do because Kombucha tastes way better. Foods, and especially fermented foods and drinks, bring the good bacteria back into the gut along with the healing energy codes our body needs to rebalance itself.


Kefir grains or Kombucha SCOBY’s are available in most places around the world or can be shipped. I am running online Kombucha and Kefir classes in Perth so you can attend in the comfort of your own kitchen anywhere in the world at a time that is suitable to you. If you are based in Perth I will give you the grains and SCOBY whether you take the class or not.

In some of the below articles you will also find other highly recommended solutions but I’ve personally chosen fermented veg, Kefir and Kombucha as they are the cheapest and easiest to maintain. Plus, being able to make your own is always a winner in my books!

For more information on my classes, go to the Book Online page.


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