Coaching and Classes
A happiness coach is more than a life coach who predominantly focusses on “successes”, mostly linked to career and achievement. Whilst having a desire for success is good, if you don’t have the right tools on your side, no amount of planning or strategies will get you there.Although I am a qualified life coach and bring that to all my sessions, I opted to position myself as a happiness coach because I believe, from experience,there are other fundamentals you can apply to bring about results in an easier, holistic, and more importantly, a more enjoyable way. Sometimes because we’re so busy looking around us we miss the real reason we want something in the first place and therefore the real reason we’re not getting it… That’s where I come in.

Since it is an inward journey, we could not ignore all facets of the self – gut, mind, body, soul. Finding harmony inwards will bring all your deepest desires flowing effortlessly and abundantly to you. These are skills I teach, and a way of life that will not only get you giddily happy but provide you with the basis for maintaining that state of happiness throughout your lifetime.

My approach is not to spend hours dissecting what’s gone wrong because in reality nothing has gone “wrong”. You are where you are and so will have a great portfolio of skills and knowledge you’ve gleaned along your path. In our sessions, I will harness those skills and amplify them with more so that you walk away with the power, grace and strength to achieve whatever you want.

As a holistic practitioner, I will incorporate many strategies such as online questionnaires,working with the unconscious, movement, trancing (suggestive form of hypnosis), NLP techniques and energetic shifting. Most of my sessions will end with a meditation that includes future pacing to ensure knowledge is imbedded and transferred at a deep level.

The length and number of sessions will greatly depend on your willingness to participate in the process outside of our time together.


Initial consult
15 minutes Free
A no obligation opportunity to meet me and discuss your most pressing life desire. I will attempt to leave you with something to takeaway, not just a list of my services. This will likely take the form of advice with direction to activities, resources or tools.

Happiness coaching
1 hour $65
This is holistic coaching at its best. There are no topics out of bounds since ALL life desires are in the pursuit of happiness. Are you looking for love, success, friendship, acceptance, health? Together we will uncover what is preventing you from getting this and build a new framework to help you achieve anything you set your heart to.

Spiritual Mentoring
1 hour $65
Ready to awaken to all that you are? Using vibrational medicine and connecting to the higher self that is the real you, I will help you understand why you are here, what your purpose is, how to find ultimate fulfilment in everyday life, how to let go of past or current pain and answer any questions you may have on all-that-is.

Meditation Coaching (online options)
45 min $45
By now we all know just how important this art is but did you know you only need 15-20 minutes a day to totally transform your life and who you are? It is a simple practice but not always easy. I have mastered the art and now willing to teach it on so others can reap the inexplicable benefits meditation can bring you.


Kefir and Kombucha classes (online options)
1 hour $40
Gut health leads to improved mental health and a feeling of wellness. If you’re finding it hard to stick to a healthier lifestyle, diet or way of thinking, it could be your gut-brain working against you. These drinks are packed full of good bacteria which will tell your evolved (rational) brain that all is well in your world so you don’t need to revert to unhealthy behaviours like sugar cravings. I’ll show you how easy these are to make or help you troubleshoot. If you’re in Perth, I’ll give you free grains ($25) as part of the class.

Online personal home trainer
45 min $40
Your very own personal trainer in your home. Using my skills to understand the perfect program for your temperament and goals I will take you through whatever thrills you. You won’t need any equipment (unless you want to) and through skype you can have your own one on one session (or face to face if you’re in Perth, Australia).

Personalised movement plan
45 min $40
Making moving fun is the goal here. You get an initial 15-minute online evaluation to assess your fitness level, interests, goals and schedule and then we meet via skype to discuss possible options so that you can take a plan away with you that you can use for life. I can help you find a movement program perfect for your personality, life commitments, pleasure and body goals.

Ongoing personalised movement plan
$15 per weekly plan
Following on from the personalised movement plan, you can have weekly plans sent to you via email to keep you motivated, kicking goals and having fun.
I believe in shared knowledge so visit my pages and blogs where I will write on all my techniques and strategies for you to select and use as you need.
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